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Doroller flour equipment

Small scale automatic complete flour mill line

Small scale automatic complete flour mill line consists of cleaning part,milling part, packing part and PLC controlling system for wheat, maize, rice or bean.

Wheat Bran Finisher

Wheat bran finisher used in the bran finishing of mid-way, deal with the flour of soybran flakes on the buffing cribble, reduce the load of back way, it’s propitious to the rubbing and sieving and alleviate the power consumption at the same time.

Double Plansifter

Double Plansifter also called twin sifter mainly uses for working as check sifter in flourmill, to check the flour before packing. And also could apply as supplementary sifting after the milling.

Impact Flour Detacher

The sample is FSJZ series impact flour detacher, which is to impact the core milling and slag milling materials, reduce bran and ash content and increase whiteness, improving flour yield rate by 15-35%.

Bottom Vibrating Discharger

The bottom vibrating discharger is widely used for discharging stuff in form of powder similar to wheat flour from the bottom of the bin or silo in flour mill, feed mill chemical industry and pharmaceutics industry.


FQFD49*3*2 flour purifier series are developed by absorbing the advantages of others.

Diamond Brand HH Model Four Mill

Diamond Brand HH Model Four Mill adopts Microcomputer PLC control, Text display human-computer interface,Full precision casting machine body, lasting keeping precision and the roll clearance adjusting hand wheel can be demounted conveniently for transport

Diamond Tsunami Model flour mill

Diamond Tsunami Model flour mill is J type flour mill. Product specification 800,1000.1250 applied in the flour milling plant with a capacity more than 200TPD.

Diamond Cyclone Model flour mill

Diamond Cyclone Model flour mill product specification 500, 600,800 applied in the flour milling plant with a capacity less than 200TPD.

Diamond Brand BS Model Flour Mill

Diamond Brand BS Model Flour Mill is BS type flour mill. Product specification 400,500,600 applied in the flour milling plant with a capacity less than 100TPD.

Diamond beand ss model flour mill

Diamond beand ss model flour mill is the intelligent flour mill with the highest degree of automation. The whole machine adopts modular component integration, flexible function change.

FSFG High Square Plansifter

FSFG High Square Plansifter includes FSFG6×16, FSFG6×24, FSFG8×24 and manufactred from high quality steel with good mechanical and elelctrical performance

H-efficient Vibrating Sifter

H-efficient Vibrating Sifter or High efficiency vibration screen sifter or vibration screen sifter used for screening, filtering, grading and removing impurity for all kinds of powder, particle, and liquid.

Magnetic Separator

Magnetic Separator normally dry Magnetic Separator is used for getting rid of magnetic metal impurity in wheat,corn raw material, to protect other machines in production line or in order to ensure safety at work.

Mix Damper

Mix Damper is for wheat flour of wheat cleaning flow of water regulation of main equipment, water wheat water evenly, enhanced bran toughness, reduction of endosperm strength, reducing bran and Endosperm in cohesive force

Wheat Brusher

The FSMJ40 system wheat brusher or Wheat cleaning machine is used for the flour factory mainly, cleaning the wheat and other particle, ash at the surface. Remove the skin and wheat germ. The machine is adopt cylinder 360 degree, so it has high efficient f

Destoner,Rice Destoner

Rice Destoner is the TQSF series gravity grade stoner for destoner. Destoner is new and efficient multi-functional cleaning equipment to separate stone from the cereals under the comprehensive function of vibrating, screening and airflow.

Plane Rotating Sifter

Plane Rotating Sifter is TQLM series flat rotary screen. It is to separate bigger impurities and smaller impurities than wheat from the wheat making use of the rotation of the screen body. It adopts the enclosed screen body, featuring good air tightness a

Wheat Scourer

Wheat flour machine is one of Wheat Scourer used for removing the clod which size is same with the wheat, fur of the wheat surface, residue of heavy metal and medicine. It can improve the quality of the flour effectively.

Vertical Air Drafting Duct

The sample is vertical air drafting duct, which is mainly applied for separating the light impurities in the raw grains, such as shells, empty grains, grass seeds, sand, dust, etc.

High Pressure Fan

TY new efficient high pressure fan, high wind pressure, air pressure, ventilation volume stability, low noise, smooth operation. Mainly applicable to the processing of wheat 100-400 tons of wheat flour production line of pneumatic conveying.

Air Lock

TGFY series new air lock is the indispensable and important equipment in the pneumatic transmission, ventilation and dust removal; which can blown the powder or grain material on the negative pressure into atmosphere continuously.

Roots Blower

Roots blower widely used in electricity, petroleum, steel industry, smelling, food,oxygen making, spinning, vacuum packing, paper making, aquaculture, sewage treatment, pneumatic conveying.

Pulse Filter

The pulse filter is a kind of bag file that uses fabric (filter bags) and pulses of compressed air to remove dust, and it has a large filtering area. So ,its perfectly for fine dust, and it is the preferred device for secondary.

Air Suction Separator

The TXFL series air suction separator is used for removing the light impurities ( such as: grain skin, dust and so on) from the grain material ( such as: wheat, rice, corn, oil material and so on). It is suitable for the grain depot, flour milling plant,

Screw Conveyor

The screw conveyor is mainly applied for transporting granular and powder material, and small lump conveyor for materials like cement, coal powder, grain, fertilizer, sand, coal coke, and so on.

Bucket Elevator

The TDTGK series bucket elevator is a fixed mechanism for hauling materials. It uses the bucket to contain powders, particles or small bulk materials, and then elevates the bucket in a vertical and continuous way.

Control Console

The automatic control system is the important part for the big flour milling plant. Suitable for the big flour plant of daily output 100tons,use for equipment automatic control and power control for the whole flour milling plant.

Package Machine

China Automatic Packing Machine -Select high quality Package Machine products varied in Automatic Grade, Application and Type from certified,Leading manufacturer of automatic packing machine, automatic pouch packaging machine and semi automatic pouch pack

Power Control

The power control system is proper distribution cabinet,for distribution the power of whole plant, This is series distribution cabinets are flour machine electrical equipment producted by our company.

Wheat Allocated System

Wheat allocated system is mainly used with a different quality or different varieties of wheat before milling wheat into each step of the process. This may be necessary with wheat milling process, flexible and easy to change with wheat proportion in the c

Cover Stretcher

The Cover Stretcher or sieve cloth stretcher is a dedicated device used to stretch and fix the sieve cloth onto the sieve frames of the plansifter. It can evenly and smoothly set the sieve cloth without sagging.

The Plunger Roller

DOROLLER Plunger Roller or Iron rolls find application in Roughing and Intermediate mills for rail and structural mills as well as in finishing mills for wire rod and narrow strip mills.

The Oil Expression Roller

Oil Expression Roller can be manufactured from Alloy Casting Steel,Steel Casting,Investment Cating,Chilled Cast Iron Roll with high mechanical performance for flour milling machine.

The Flour Feed Roller

The flour feed roller is the main working part in the flour feed making machine.Rubber, calendar & Mixing rolls require high tensile strength along with wear resistence.

The Rubber Cracking Roller

The rubber cracking roller, is the main working part in the rubber cracking machine. For cracking rubber. We can offer all kinds of rubber cracking rollers for different types rubber cracking machines.

Noodles Roller

The noodles roller is the main working part in the noodle making macine, for tabletting and cutting noodle. If the customer want some special rollers, we can manufacture the rollers according to the details drawing from the customer.

Transmission Pipeline for flour mill

Transmission Pipeline for flour mill can be made from ceramic porcelain or composite materials to provide high mechanical performance, such as compression and bending strength.

Speed Motor

An Speed Motor or electric motor is an electrical machine that converts electrical energy into mechanical energy. The reverse of this is the conversion of mechanical energy into electrical energy and is done by an electric generator.

Sieve for grain machine

A sieve, or sifter, is a device for separating wanted elements from unwanted material or for characterizing the particle size distribution of a sample, typically using a woven screen such as a mesh or net or metal.


Relays and Contactors are electromagnetic switches. The only difference is that relays are usually used for low voltage applications while contactors are used for higher voltage application. Contactors usually have Overload protection.


A gear or cogwheel is a rotating machine part having cut teeth, or cogs, which mesh with another toothed part to transmit torque. Geared devices can change the speed, torque, and direction of a power source.

Electronic Balance

An electronic balance is a device also called weigh machine used to find accurate measurements of weight. Electronic balances may also be used to weigh wheat/maize/bean/rice to produce high quality wheat/maize/bean/rice flour etc.


An electrical cable is made of two or more wires running side by side and bonded, twisted, or braided together to form a single assembly, the ends of which can be connected to two devices, enabling the transfer of electrical signals from one device to the

Cable Bridge

Cable Bridge consists of many cables which is composed of center core, plastic jacket, dielectric insulator and metallic shield, and which is a form to finish cables and easy to repair and inspection.


A belt is a loop of flexible material used to link two or more rotating shafts mechanically, most often parallel. V belts are main type of belts used for machinery. Belt generally used with belt pulley.

Belt Pulley

Belt Pulley is one of wheel hubs and generally designed in large size, manufacturing process has casting and forging. And Belt Pulley is made of casting iron,steel or stainless steel with high mechanical strength.


A bearing is a machine element that constrains relative motion to only the desired motion, and reduces friction between moving parts. Bearing is a device having an inner and outer race, one or more rows of steel balls.

Air Cylinder

Air Cylinder is also called Pneumatic cylinder is mechanical devices which use the power of compressed gas to produce a force in a reciprocating linear motion.